The Visual Computing Company


oViCs is focused on developing advanced intellectual property solutions for video processing, compression, and analysis. Our team consists of video industry experts and executives with multiple successful products that exist in the market today.  We are directing our unique technology first to HEVC / H.265 / MPEG-H video codecs and video analytics.  We are focused on the following markets: Automotive, smart phones, tablets, wearable cameras, set-top boxes, television/monitors, and connected home appliances.

oViCs has developed the most efficient Visual Computing Platform (VCP) that optimally addresses the challenges of HEVC by partitioning processing tasks between specialized processors optimized for video and hardware accelerators.

Key features of VCP include:

  • HEVC decoding / encoding up to 4Kp60 or four 1080p60 with a single core instance
  • Multiple, parallel instances can support higher resolutions and frame rates
  • High performance video content analysis for analytics, augmented reality, and more
  • Extremely low encode and decode latency (< 5 msec)
  • Extremely low active power (<100 mW), low clock speed and small gate count